New Mt Zion Missionary Baptist Church
Mission Statement

We, the members of The New Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church believe that the Church’s foundation is based on “The Great Commission,” found in Matthew 28:10 – 20.  We believe that the Church is a living Organism; and within that Organism there are organizations, put in place to ‘nurture’ and ‘enhance’ the growth and development of the local church; thereby, ‘nurturing’ and ‘enhancing’ the growth of the Kingdom of God.

We are committed to:
1.  Exalt the Savior, 2.  Equip the Soul, 3.  Enlist the Servant, 4.  Evangelize the Sinner, 5.  Edify the Saints through God’s Word.

We are obligated to:
1.  Reach out to people of all cultures; 2.  Teach the Word; 3.  Proclaim Jesus to the lost; and 4.  Nurture each other.